Create quick and personalised exercise prescriptions with the

coreplus Rehab Guru add-on

Make quick yet personalised exercise prescriptions with Rehab Guru

Rehab Guru simplifies exercise prescription while offering numerous customisation options, which make each prescription fully branded and unique. It is made by specialists for specialists, so it is prepared for any obstacles in your day-to-day.

Rehab Guru is a leader in product innovation and user experience first. It is the only exercise prescription tool that works across desktop, laptop, iPhone and Android, giving you the flexibility of working across all your devices.

Adding Rehab Guru allows you to:

  • Selectively import and sync your clients with coreplus
  • Deliver engaging rehab programmes through from whichever device you choose to use, giving you freedom to work in the clinic, on the gym floor or on the move.
  • Give clients an engaging way of viewing their exercise programme through our free client app. Additionally you can track adherence, pain and wellness.

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About Rehab Guru

Rehab Guru is a tool which helps therapists, coaches, athletes as well as health and medical professionals choose from more than 4.000 exercises to prescribe to their clients. Practitioners can use this exercise prescription software from their desktops, laptops or even their Android or iOS devices.

The specialists at Rehab Guru invest deeply in product development in order to provide the ultimate prescription software, constantly gathering feedback and fine tuning.

With Rehab Guru you can expect:

Unique design options for your plans
Client engagement app for feedback and compliance
Easily create new exercises for your database from a phone or tablet
High quality customer support
Streamlining a Health business does not have to represent a poor experience for patients. Rehab Guru is focused in creating the most complete product and providing simple tailored efficiencies for your business.

How to activate your Rehab Guru add-on

For steps on how to link your coreplus and Rehab Guru account just see this quick help guide.

Special offer for coreplus users

coreplus users receive a 10% discount on the Annual Plan making the yearly licence cost licence £90 ($158 AUD) rather than £100 ($176 AUD). Just in case, you also get a 14 day cooling off period.

Simply subscribe to Rehab Guru by going to and activate the integration in your coreplus account.