Integrated cash flow optimisation

Medicare & DVA Claiming

paperless real-time approvals with no terminal, line, merchant or brokerage fees

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Online Medicare Claim Processing

100% free of merchant & transaction fees, and terminal costs.

Cash flows to your account faster and easier with our integrated Medicare & DVA integration as part of your billing and payments solution.

Medicare & DVA Online Claiming

Medicare Online Claiming 100% free of transactional & terminal charges.

Medicare cash flows faster into your account with coreplus’s integrated online claiming technology.  coreplus has a 100% web based integration for Medicare Bulk Bill claiming and DVA which means you don’t need a terminal or a dial up line.

You will save time if you currently use vouchers, or time & money if you currently pay monthly line rental/ terminal fees, merchant or brokerage fees on claim values.

Easy to set up and once set up you will be able to perform real time patient verification allowing you to verify your patient quicker and resolve any gap payments.  Approvals are instant and claim payments are in your bank account super fast.

Other Allied Health, DHS & private health insurance claiming

coreplus is constantly working on improving cash flow management for our community of users and continues to develop integration that support 100% web based health billing & claiming.  There are a number presently under development and pending release.

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Get transaction fee-free Medicare & DVA online claim processing…

Part of the process relies on Medicare processing your application – so best to get started, as this could take up to 2 weeks. You’ll need to Apply for Medicare online claiming first.

Available exclusively on the eHealth & Group plans only.