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Posted by Yianni Serpanos, August 12th, 2015

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Practice management isn’t just software; it’s keeping your practice running optimally and securely. Maintaining your practice’s computers and software, like web browsers, is essential. Here’s four good reasons to check your browsers are up to date.

Time to upgrade?
If your computer looks like this, it might be time to upgrade more than just your browser.

1. Improved online security

It’s a horrible feeling knowing your data has been exposed or hacked. Particularly in the health sector where maintaining client privacy is a considerable concern. If you’re using an outdated web browser you may be inadvertently exposing your practice to the risk of online security problems.

When you update your web browser, you’re actively contributing towards protecting yourself, and your clients. Whether you’re using Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari or even Internet Explorer – you’ll be less susceptible to problems if you have the latest version which use the latest & strongest security measures.

Of course – your browser is only one piece of the security puzzle. If you use cloud software like coreplus, it’s important to know where the software’s severs are, and which country’s laws and regulations they are required to adhere to. For instance, coreplus is hosted in Australia and complies with Australian Government standards.

2. Faster internet

Everyone wants websites to load quicker. Current browsers are designed and coded partly to improve web page loading speed.

3. Compatibility with online software

Many websites are optimised only for the latest versions of web browsers. You may not be seeing the website as intended. Worse still, old browsers may not be able to provide the same functionality available to you in a current browser.

If you’re paying for online software, it pays to keep your browser up to date.

4. Improve your productivity

The latest browser versions often include updates to their interface. Using latest features can shave seconds off routine, day-to-day, and even minute-to-minute processes, which might end up saving you hours per week! With a little help from the internet, you could easily master Firefox or Chrome.

How to update your browser

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