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  • medicount

    “coreplus is the practice management solution that allied health professionals, and practices of all shapes and sizes enjoy with security and confidence.  The features it offers, with the comfortable and friendly user interface, make ‘keeping it simple’ look easy, and the Xero financial integration tool (API) works seamlessly.” David Turner

  • Books that Click

    “As a Cloud System Integration Specialist focusing on the Xero Ecosystem, we have found a great synergy with what coreplus excel at and how it connects to this beautiful accounting package. Less reasons for double entry mean less time inside the file, more time with the client or the speed at which it can be done is either earned rest time or take on a few more patients.” Trish Reeve

  • Jill of All Trades

    “Tremendous practice management add-on to Xero – my client is loving the fact all info is syncing via API . From bank just allocate to clearing account – could not get easier.” Gillian Rossouw

  • Sheva Accounting Services

    “Many of my clients are based in regional areas and coreplus allows them the flexibility to deliver services to patients in remote areas. The software is professional and easy to use.”  Tanya Nell Wright

  • Sky Accounting Solutions

  • Allied Health BPO

Become a coreplus partner

A partner is someone who likes to connect, help and grow health providers.

You may offer a product or service complimentary to coreplus that can help health professionals Practice Happy or, you may want to create a new revenue stream by referring to coreplus.

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If you consult, advise, service or otherwise see an alignment with our mission to connect, help and grow Australia’s health providers, all you need to do is submit the form below.
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Benefits of Becoming a coreplus Partner

  • Better Quality relationships with your clients
  • Free Support & Training to assist you in converting new clients
  • Connect your clients to cashflow management with online Medicare & DVA claiming
  • Connect clients to an Add-on community
  • Provide your clients with Referral partnerships
  • A new revenue Stream
  • Stay ahead of the competition
  • Expand your reach



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